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Databases Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

Databases - Coursework Example The supplement proclamations utilized for the production of two columns are appeared underneath alongside the screen shot of populated table. Four staffs were included, two for every center. One staff is accepted to a medical caretaker and the different as director. ID for each staff is populated as a mix of year of joining, the center number and staff number. The city for each staff is populated with a similar incentive as the city in which the center (they are utilized) is found. Two supervisors were then refreshed in the center table. The SQL explanations and the screen shot of populated table are demonstrated as follows. Records for four patients were made, two for every facility. Tolerant ID is picked as a mix of center number of the facility at which the enrollment is performed and a patient number augmented by one upon every section. SQL articulations and screen capture of populated table is demonstrated as follows: Two columns are made for two antibodies: One for typhoid and another for yellow fever. VaccineID for every antibody are picked as a whole number which augments by one upon each section. Receipt cost is populated by questioning the antibody table for immunization cost dependent on the antibody id for which the receipt is made. The SQL explanations and screen shot of populated table are demonstrated as follows: Four solicitations were recorded for two enlisted patients one for every facility. Receipt ID are picked as numbers increased by one upon every section. SQL proclamations and screen shot of populated table are demonstrated as follows: Four columns were embedded, two for every center. Arrangement ID is picked as a mix of date on which the arrangement is fixed and an arrangement number augmented by one upon every passage for the afternoon. The SQL proclamations and the populated table are appeared

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The American Olympic Association Essay -- Sports, Training, Olympic Ga

The United States Olympic Committee (USOC), at first named the American Olympic Association, was shaped in 1896. Individuals from the board of trustees tried to give help to United States Olympic competitors with preparing and different needs. As the USOC isn't government supported the board of trustees has depended intensely on corporate subsidizing and private gifts (â€Å"Team USA,† 2011). Be that as it may, throughout the years while the proceeded with intrigue of the Olympic Games remained, the expanded expense of lodging, apparel, and thinking about U.S. competitors alongside other pro athletics competing for corporate sponsorship, made getting subsidizing troublesome. In this way, the USOC was tested with convincing corporate supporters that putting resources into the Olympic Games was a rewarding and practical endeavor (O’Rourke, 2010). In this manner, the techniques utilized by the USOC to convince organizations to contribute just as inspiring elements fundamen tal corporate sponsorship are investigated. Case Analysis Influence Message The capacity to convey adequately is basic in business (O’Rourke, 2010). So as to give data, pass on a message, and clarify a thought, specialized apparatuses must be applied day by day (N, 2005). The most significant specialized device is the powerful (N, 2005). This is because of the way that whatever is being passed on at the working environment requires a level of influence (N, 2005). Consequently, influence is the capacity to move an individual or gathering enthusiastically. Boyer and Stoddard (2011), depict influence as â€Å"the demonstration of getting a conscious being other than yourself to receive a specific conviction or seek after a specific activity (p. 1). Thusly, with the goal for influence to be powerful a degree of trust between the gatherings must exist (O’Rourke, 2010). In this way, the challen... ... their relationship with the Olympic development and create intercessions including refreshed showcasing and limited time techniques to address the issue. Besides, a selectiveness directly for some corporate backers has made companies without this sort of agreement feel below average which makes the opportunities for trap showcasing to surface (Palomba, 2010). Snare advertising is a company’s endeavor to relate itself legitimately or in a roundabout way with an occasion, group, or big name without being allowed appropriate consent or pay the fundamental authorizing charges. Subsequently, official patrons may not get the full advantage or business estimation of paying to be authentic backers (Palomba, 2010). Thusly, the USOC needs to ensure real backers by sanctioning or authorizing defensive enactment to reduce or annihilate snare promoting strategies (Palomba, 2010).

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Photography How to Make a Living from Your Hobby

Photography How to Make a Living from Your Hobby Considering that there are such a huge number of photographers out there, it is not easy to make a place for yourself in the photography industry. However, no one ever said it was impossible. You may have to start small by engaging in the pursuit along with your full-time job.You will gain some more knowledge and experience and perhaps do things you may not particularly like before you are able to make a living from this hobby. © | sergey causeloveIn this article, we’ll take you through 1) ideas and tips to make money from photography, 2) enhance your knowledge and experience, 3) marketing is essential, and 4) how to keep costs low.IDEAS AND TIPS TO MAKE MONEY FROM PHOTOGRAPHYSign up with sites that pay for photographsYou can sell the photographs you take, to websites and get a percentage of the income from your photos that get sold. The usual procedure is to sign up with these sites and maybe fulfill certain eligibility criteria such as quality standards. Those of your photos that are accepted by the site will be posted on it for people who like them to purchase them. Whichever be the site you are submitting to, ensure you familiarize yourself with its copyright and ownership information. Some of the sites you can consider are iStockPhoto, Dreamstime, Fotolia, Shutterstock and even  which is a great avenue for sale of handmade or vintage supplies and items and distinct factory -produced items.Participate in photo contestsPhoto contests are a great way to see where you stand in comparison to other photographers at the beginner, amateur or professional levels. What’s more, if you’re lucky, you are rewarded.Take and share photographs of your localityCapture photos of your local area. After that, devote one day to visiting local cafes, restaurants, law firms, fitness centers or other places that might have a bare hallway or wall that could do with some ornamentation. Offer to display prints of your photographs there for no cost. At the same time, you can have your contact and price information (tags) clearly visible. There is a possibility that your local photos would be well appreciated by local eyes.Be open to itsy bitsy, one-off and low-paying jobsUntil you can establish yourself, it is advisable to be open to itsy bitsy, one-off and low-paying jobs. Well-placed photographers can afford to reject jobs that they feel either don’t pay well or are benea th them, but you can’t. Whether someone asks you to photograph vegetables or DIY-related photos or anything else that may seem silly at first, be open to it. Also, don’t bother about the pay initially. Take solace in the fact that some money is better than no money. These small and/or low-paying jobs would give you valuable experience and a portfolio that would lead you to better jobs and later to great jobs with a great pay.Offer your services to friends, family, acquaintancesThis is a great way to start off. You can offer to take photos for family gatherings, other get-togethers, small work events and so on. Opportunities such as these will help you get some experience as well as gradually improve on the quality of your photos.Sell to magazinesWith respect to  selling photos to magazines, you once again need to be able to stand out. In addition, you need to find the right magazines to suit your photographic style, get in touch with the right persons, follow-up with different m agazines at least till you get regular assignments, and possibly even pen an article(s) to go with your photo(s).Offer to help local websites with photosIn addition to negotiating with local businesses or firms about exhibiting your prints, check out their website. As you look through the website, think whether the website would attract number of prospective customers if the product photography was better or if there were better photographs of their events or staff. If your answer is yes, share what you feel with that particular business or firm. You can even consider offering photography-related solutions for their flyers and other advertising material.Follow trendsAs hinted at the outset of the article, to get into the photography business, you must be prepared to photograph aspects that you may not love all that much. The secret to success is creating a balance between capturing what you love and capturing whatever’s trending at the moment. To have an idea of what’s popular a t the moment, closely watch what’s appearing in magazines, in addition to websites and competitors.Identify what makes you stand outThe very competitive industry that it is, it is really not easy to stand out. One suggestion is to find out if a certain area of photography is not being covered by any of the other photographers in your locality or area. For example, if none of them do real estate photography, perhaps you can try your hand at that. If you find that this is an area you can definitely handle, you can proceed with it.Conduct a portrait partyThis is a fun-filled way to bring in money. All you have to do is host the photographic counterpart of a Tupperware party for a group of friends who you can invite to your home. Make sure you’re ready with the pre-sets in Lightroom so that post-production is fast. At the close of the party, you can pitch the photos to your friends.T-shirt designing and greeting cardsThe good thing about T-shirts and greeting cards is that you can s ell the same photograph plenty of times. Multiple opportunities are available for selling photographs for greeting cards owing to the considerable number of annual events that can be covered, all over the globe. With respect to T-shirts, people would be willing to spend for a T-shirt that carries an image(s) of something/someone they love such as a celebrity or sport star. Be careful about such photographs â€" they should not violate image copyright laws. You can be very creative with T-shirts, providing funny or serious photos or even incorporating graphics in addition to the photographs to make a T-shirt design really stand out.Take classesIf you are confident of your skills and have got a lot of good feedback or positive critique for your photos, you can consider taking photography or videography classes for people wishing to pursue this hobby or interest. This is especially the case when no one else in your area is offering classes of this nature.Engage in photo editingPhoto edi ting may not be photography in the strict sense however only someone with a photographer’s eye can do it well. Photo editing is a skill increasing in demand and for which there are possibilities of a great pay. In addition to having a good understanding of what a good photo is about, people engaging in photo editing should be familiar with the use of various  photo editing software.Be willing to invest some money for the sake of qualityBe prepared to spend a lot of money (and time too) even if you’re just a hobbyist. An entry level camera and kit lens will do to capture some awesome photographs but accessories (such as tripods, software and filters) are important so don’t avoid them. It will also be good to devote some time to gaining experience by taking photos, sharing them, asking for critiques and improving accordingly. ENHANCE YOUR KNOWLEDGE AND EXPERIENCEYou can consider doing one or more professional courses in photography so that there is a greater chance of people buy ing your photographs or requesting your services. Going for a course and practicing different shots will possibly also help you realize where your interests lie or what kind of photography you like doing. Given below are some of the photography specializations you can consider if you want to get seriously into the business.Wedding photographyThis kind of photography has a comparatively low cost to entry. If you know plenty of people in their early to mid 20’s, you could just make them your clients. To be closer to pleasing the groom and bride with your shots, you must be able to communicate well with them to know things like what their vision and expectations are and the people they would like featured in the album. Stock photographyStock photography involves providing photographs which are frequently licensed for specific purposes. When taking photos for stock photography, one point you need to keep in mind is that the kind of photographs people are in search of are those that wo uld be helpful for the sale of a product or service to their customers. Portrait photographyPortrait photography, frequently also known by the term “portraiture,” is photography of one or more subjects, capturing their personality, facial expressions and features prominently by way of effective backdrops, lighting and/or poses. Landscape photographyThis type of photography is ideal for those who tend to like to just stop and take in the beauty of the natural scenery around and capture it on camera. Real estate photographyThis involves taking photos of the interior and exterior of a house for real estate agents to utilize for the purpose of selling the house.   The great thing about this kind of photography is that it doesn’t call for much in terms of gear. Just a DSLR, a tripod and a wide-angle lens would be greatly helpful. Wildlife photographyAs the name suggests, it involves capturing wildlife or non-domesticated animals (and also their natural habitat) through the lens. It is a challenging kind of photography. To do it well, photographers should have a good camera, a strong flashlight, several lens, be able to expose accurately and possess sound technical skills. In addition, they should be patient and have good field craft skills. These are the fundamental military skills necessary to survive in the field and include camouflage, stealth and observation. The majority of wildlife pictures are taken for display at exhibitions or to be printed in journals. Fine Art PhotographyAlso known by the terms “artistic photography” and “photographic art,” fine art photography refers to an inexact class of photographs developed in line with the cameraman’s creative vision. The intention of the photography is aesthetic.The fine art photography industry is saturated, and there is only limited wall space. So if you want to survive in it, you may need to develop a fan base.Apart from going for a professional course or specializing, you can consider shadowing a pro or working as a trainee in another photographer’s studio. The income may not be much, but you’ll get some useful know-how and experience.MARKETING IS ESSENTIALYou can’t expect people to come to you for business if you don’t get the word out.For starters, you should have a website. Your  website  can be an avenue through which you share things like your portfolio, contact information and previous customer references. For help with this, check out sites like SmugMug, PhotoMerchant and PhotoShelter.Secondly, get a memorable business card created for yourself and distribute it to as many people as you can. A suggestion to make the card memorable is to not just print on the front side, but on the back too. So if you’re printing your contact information on the front, maybe you can consider including something like a few tips to look better in photos at the back of the card. After finishing a project for one client, you can consider giving him a couple of your business car ds, possibly hinting that you would appreciate if he would refer your business to others who may need it.There are also a number of free and paid web-based advertising options that you can consider. The list includes, Google Places, Bing Maps and  YouTube.A final suggestion is to leverage social media. Once you’ve built platforms on the social media platforms (Facebook, Google+, Twitter and so on), try to devote at least 5 minutes every day to interact with your followers and post original updates.HOW TO KEEP COSTS LOWShare studio spaceThis is a great option for a photography business that is not yet established or for photographers who don’t yet have a studio space of their own and are in need of one. You can share both the costs and the responsibility of maintaining the space.Use the services of an accountantAs the demand for your photos increases, it would be good to hire an accountant. Some of the ways his services would help are: ensuring that you are filing your taxes in accordance with law, optimizing use of your personal and business funds and maximizing yearly returns.Consider renting equipment instead of buying (wherever possible)Renting photography equipment or buying used equipment will help you experiment with different cameras and another equipment while also controlling costs. Thus, you can enhance your photography skills by trying out various kinds of lighting fixtures, lenses and so. This sort of experimentation will also help you find the tools that are most suitable for your requirements. At the same time, there’s nothing wrong with purchasing equipment if you intend to use them frequently.Build your tripodAs you make progress with your photography, you may feel the need for a still surface in the form of a tripod, to take pictures. You can save on the cost of the tripod by  making one on your own. All you need are items typically found in a home such as a tennis ball or plastic bottle, a bolt and nut.Develop and/or prin t pictures at homeDoing so will not only enable you to have considerable control over your shots and their editing but also save you plenty of money and time. Editing and printing by yourself will only cost you a fraction of what it would cost when done by someone else. For the purpose of developing manual pictures, you just have to create a darkroom environment within your house. With respect to printing, your photos would get a professional appearance when printed on quality photo paper.

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The Field Of Personality Psychology - 1027 Words

The field of personality psychology has recently uncovered evidence to suggest that people living in Western individualistic societies are becoming increasingly narcissistic (Foster, Campbell, Twenge, 2003; Twenge Foster, 2010). Narcissism has been linked with many socially undesirable characteristics such as grandiose sense of self worth, lack of empathy and manipulation of others. These individuals are unable to build stable relationships and often suffer from anxiety and depression. Negative interpersonal and social behaviours also arise from narcissistic traits. This paper will contribute to the current knowledge base by reviewing previous studies that have researched narcissism and its increase in Western society. It will also†¦show more content†¦This is not to be confused with Narcissistic Personality Disorder (found in the DSM-V), which is more invasive than narcissism- affecting every facet of an individual’s life and personality. When looking to dissect an d elucidate Western society, understanding narcissism is essential due to the emerging ‘narcissism epidemic’. Western culture thrives on self-appreciation; this is displayed through an increase of materialism, entitlement, violence and an obsession with being different. This can be empirically supported by an increase in plastic surgeries, larger homes, increased popularity of contestant-based reality television shows, and larger credit card debts. It is imperative to understand the rise in narcissism in Western society so as future studies may identify reversal techniques. This would result in the ability to explain and reduce causation factors for narcissism and decrease the number of unhealthy societal trends. The origin of individualistic Western society stems back to self-love and appreciation movements in the 1970’s. These movements carried through to the 1980’s and 1990’s, becoming increasingly influential on the general public. Nowadays, it is considered vital to love oneself before being able to be successful in work, relationships and life

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General motors corporate profile - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 8 Words: 2264 Downloads: 9 Date added: 2017/06/26 Category Transport Essay Type Research paper Did you like this example? 1.0 General Motors Corporate Profile General Motors Corporate (G M) one of the worlds largest automakers, was founded in 1908, and today manufactures cars and trucks in 34 countries. With its global headquarters in Detroit, GM employs 244,500 people in every major region of the world, and sells and services vehicles in some 140 countries. In 2008, GM sold 8.35 million cars and trucks globally under the following brands: Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, GMC, GM Daewoo, Holden, HUMMER, Opel, Pontiac, Saab, Saturn, Vauxhall and Wuling. Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "General motors corporate profile" essay for you Create order GMs largest national market is the United States, followed by China, Brazil, the United Kingdom, Canada, Russia and Germany. GMs On Star subsidiary is the industry leader in vehicle safety, security and information services. GM is the majority shareholder in GM Daewoo Auto Technology Co. of South Korea, and has product, power train and purchasing collaborations with Suzuki Motor Corp. and Isuzu Motors Ltd. of Japan. GM also has advanced technology collaborations with Chrysler LLC, Daimler AG, BMW AG and Toyota Motor Corp. and vehicle manufacturing ventures with several automakers around the world, including Toyota, Suzuki, Shanghai Automotive Industry Corp. of China, AVTOVAZ of Russia and Renault SA of France. GM parts and accessories are sold under GM Goodwrench and ACDelco brands through GM Service and Parts Operations which supplies GM dealerships and distributors worldwide. GM engines and transmissions are marketed through GM Powertrain. GMs largest national market is the United States, followed by China, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Germany. GM owns nearly-half (49%) of the finance company GMAC Financial Services, which offers automotive, residential and commercial financing and insurance. GMs OnStar subsidiary is a vehicle safety, security and information service provider. There have only been a limited number of models bearing the General Motors brand. The GM EV1 was introduced in the 1990s but was later discontinued. The GM Sequel was a hydrogen fuel cell concept vehicle introduced in 2005; however the name was later changed to Chevrolet Sequel. Along with various concept vehicles, the Holden Statesman luxury sedan (1971 1985) was originally marketed as the General Motors Statesman. 2.0 Porter Analysis The porters 5 forces is a simple tool to understanding where the company power lies in a business situation. The porters forces also helping company understand the strength of a current competitive position. The porter 5 forces includes bargaining power of buyers, bargaining power of supplier, threat of new entry, threat of substitute and rivalry among competitors. The bargaining power of buyer is described as the market of outputs. The bargaining power of buyers ability of the customers exert pressure on businesses by demanding reduce price and increasing the product quality. Company must recognize consumer want and need. In order to boost sales volume, manufactures follow changing consumer trends. The bargaining power of buyer will be high when the large volume buyer are concentrated buying the product or services. There is a concentration of buyers. Other factor will be increasing bargaining power of buyers is the products available replaces by substitutes in the market. In a utomotive industry the buyers have the greatest power because they can the low switching costs associated with selecting from competing brands. If buyers become disenchanted with some automaker, they can look for alternatives especially foreign cars. Automotive industries have many automakers can substitutes replace General Motors Corporate such as Toyota, Honda, Ford, and so on. General Motors Corporate in order to avoid replaces by other automakers, General Motors Corporate always carve out unique line of cars and trucks like fuel cell electric and hybrid vehicles. The bargaining power of supplier is described as the market of inputs. Supplier is provided the raw materials and machinery to company than the company can carry out its business operations. When the bargaining power of supplier will be high is an industry relies on just few suppliers or there are not substitutes available for suppliers product. If bargaining power of supplier higher, the company will be often faces to high pressure on margins from supplier. For example, if General Motors Corporate have one supplier to supply raw material, then the supplier increase their price this will lead General Motors cars and truck also will increase the price because General Motors dont have other supplier to supply raw material. In order to reducing the bargaining power of supplier, the company will be increasing dependency means partnering with many suppliers. Some biggest company maybe will take over a supplier. The threat of substitutes is described as an industrys profitability depends on the relative price to performance of the different types services or product to which customer can turn to buy other product that almost has the same functions. The threats of substitutes exist when a products demand is affected by switching costs. This means the costs of switching to substitutes. In the automotive industry the threat of substitutes product is very huge because automotive industry has many auto makers. In order to avoid substitute product replace the General Motors cars and trucks, General Motors Corporate has carve out its own unique product. For example, General Motors carve out alternative fuel vehicles like fuel cell electric and hybrid vehicles. Product differentiation can reduce the threat of substitute so each company also attempts to carve out unique products. Some company will be buy patent developed by potential substitute because avoid the substitute entry markets. The rivalry among competitor is described the intensity of competitive rivalry. The rivalry among competitor means have the major determinant of the competitiveness of industry. The rivalry among competitor is most obvious of any industry. The competitor normally will offer the same product or services as your company. Competitive battles include price wars, new product introduction or advertising campaigns. In order to gain more market share and increase sales, every company often use comparative advertising to emphasize areas where it outperformance its competitor. Rivalry among competitor can reduce the profitability of company but these maybe good things of publics. The rivalry among competitor exist when the industry growth. In order to reduce the rivalry among competitor, General Motors Corporate avoid price competition with other automakers and focus on different segments. Company communicates with competitor also can reduce the rivalry among competitor. This also can build win-win relationship with competitors. The threat of new entry is described the new competitor or firms entering into industry. In order to reduce the threat of new entry, the company needs to create a good brand image. If the company have a good brand image, then customer would like to stay with the brand products. The customer loyalty is a barrier entry into market. The threat of new entry depends on economics of scale. For example, company minimum size requirement for profitable operations. Au tomotive industry is a high threat of new entry but some industry low threat of new entry like shipbuilding because shipbuilding industry has high entry barriers. The government restriction also can reduce threat of new entry. For example, Malaysia government restricts new entry into automotive industry because government wants to protect of local cars (PROTON). 3.0 Limitation of Porter Analysis The porters 5 forces is a useful framework for competitive analysis within industry. Competitive analysis is lead into strategic planning and the development of a tailored competitive strategy that expects to exploit the situation. The porters 5 forces model has some limitation and weaknesses. In general, porters analysis focuses on company external competitive environment. In order to complete a full competitive analysis, the porters 5 forces need to be compensated. The porters 5 forces has further limitation in today market environment because porters analysis is assumes relativity static market structures. This means porters 5 forces are applicable for simple market structures not best applicable for today dynamic markets. Today dynamic markets are highly influenced by technological innovation such as information technology, so porters analysis cannot analyze today dynamic changes. The second limitation of porters analysis is generally based on the idea of competition. In porters analysis just described how to company or business to achieve competitive advantages. Porters analysis just focuses on competitive advantages and then ignores other important consideration strategy. For example, company not really into consideration strategy such as electronic linking of information system of all company along a value chain, virtual network or enterprise and strategies alliances. The third limitation of porters analysis is porters 5 forces are designed for analyzing individual business strategy. Porters analysis cannot cope with interdependencies and synergies within the portfolio a large company. The fourth limitation of porters analysis is the sources of value are structural advantages. Sometimes may be possible to create barriers to entry. This mean porters analysis possible will create completely new market rather than selecting existing ones. Although porters analysis are not best applicable for today dynamic markets but porters analysis still can compensated with other analysis such as SWOT analysis, PEST analysis, Value Chain analysis and etc. Porters analysis in conjunction with other tools such as PEST and SWOT can define effective competitive strategy. General Motors Corporate also uses SWOT analysis, PEST analysis, and Value Chain analysis to compensated limitation of porters analysis. PEST analysis also can uses to compensated limitation of porters analysis. PEST analysis is described macro environment such as political, economic, social and technological. PEST analysis is strategy tool for understanding markets growth or decline and potential and direction for operations. For example, General Motors must be doing market research before carve out new cars or new markets. The markets research includes economic condition, political and government policy. Government decision can affect organization directly like employments law, tax policy, trade restrictions and tariffs and environmental regulation. The economic cond ition also can affect company profitability like oil price, interest rates, and economic growth and financial crisis. Especially financial crisis because many people lose job, then almost people temporary dont want buy a new cars. This is can influence company make lose. We can refer to appendix 2; we can understand how PEST analysis is function. SWOT analysis is a strategic planning used to identify the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats for company or business. SWOT analysis applicable to measures a business units, and a proposition. SWOT analysis also can understand where the company strengths and weaknesses and then minimize the affect of weaknesses on company and maximizing or maintain company strengths. When company have know weaknesses and strengths itself then can making good decision for strategy of business proposition. For example, General Motors strengths are have large market shares, global experience, and variety of brand names and current development of alternative vehicles. So General Motors always maintain them strengths. The weaknesses of General Motors are poor customers perception, stagnant profitability, higher labor costs and overly dependent on U.S market. So General Motors try to gain more market share and increase sale volume at other countries such as China, Japan, and Malaysia and so on. General Motors also need to increase customers perception. We can refer to appendix 3; we can see how company uses SWOT analysis to identify strengths and weaknesses themselves. Value Chain analysis can overcome the limitation of porter 5 forces. Value Chain analysis described the activities that take place in a business and relates them to an analysis of the competitive strengths of the business. Value Chain analysis will help the company pursue a competitive advantages. Porters described value chain have two different categories of activities that is a primary activities and support activities. The primary activities of company include inbound logistics, operations, outbound logistics, marketing and sales and services. The support activities include procurement, human resources management, technology development and firm infrastructure. Value Chain analysis will help the company pursue a competitive advantages. We can refer to appendix 4. In appendix 4, we can see how to value chain contribution from different functions of an organization in the value adding process. Balanced scorecard is a good way to overcome the limitation of porters 5 forces. Balanced scorecard is defined are strategic planning or management system that is used extensively in industry and business to align business activities to the vision and strategy of the organization and monitor organization performance against strategic goals. Balanced scorecard can help company known how well business is running. Balanced scorecard also allows company measures economic value added and operating income. For example, General Motors use balanced scorecard to measures customer satisfaction and market share in target segments. . We can refer to appendix 5; we can see how 2 balanced scorecard running. Product life cycle can overcome the limitation of porters 5 forces. Product life cycle is defined a new product progress through a sequence of stages from introduction to growth, maturity and decline. When companies produce some product like cars or trucks they must take cars market life and services life into account. Recently more and more company is attempting to optimize profit and revenue over entire life cycle. Company does this need to consideration product warranties, the ability to upgrade existing product and space part. For example, General Motors cars have 3 years warranty. . We can refer to appendix 6; we can see the new product progress thought life cycle. 4.0 Conclusion In conclusion, porters 5 force analysis not is perfect analysis but it is still a powerful framework that can provide a useful set of insights from its competitive analysis. In order to give more competitive advantages, porters 5 forces need to conjunction with other analysis such as PEST, SWOT that can help to define an effective competitive strategy. When company has an effective competitive strategy they can to build long term business strategy that also can gain more market share and increase sales volume. In other hands, company also can avoid competitor entry into market share. General Motors Corporation must continue to look at these trend and threats, as new strengths and opportunities.

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Elder Paper - Physical Activity/Exercise. All Individuals,

Elder Paper - Physical Activity/Exercise All individuals, especially elders, benefit (both physically and mentally) from being physically active Defining the terms, physical activity is â€Å"any body movement produced by skeletal muscles that expand energy† (cite course PowerPoint). Per the course PowerPoint (cite with year 2013), exercise is the â€Å"planned, structured and repetitive body movement accomplished to maintain or improve one or more components of physical fitness.† The fitness levels determine if an individual can perform said physical activity. Components of physical fitness are 1) cardio-respiratory endurance, which is essentially the ability of a person’s circulatory and respiratory systems to provide the body with fuel while†¦show more content†¦As mentioned above, elders can see a multitude of health benefits through the engagement in regular physical activity/exercise. For the next two pages, the benefits of exercise in relation to the reduction of specific, chronic diseases will be discussed. There is a ton of published literature regarding the relation between exercise and the reduction of heart disease incidence. Even among those whom would fall in the overweight or obese medical categories see health benefits regarding hypertension/high blood pressure. While obviously obese or overweight individual do not see the same level of benefits from exercise, a small amount of physical activity is still beneficial (no matter the age group individuals fall under). Even baby steps help when it comes to exercis e and its related health benefits. As aforementioned above and in the Chapter 9/10 course discussion post, regular physical activity is great for diabetes as it improves insulin sensitive (to internal insulin receptors). The increased sensitivity allows an elder with Type II diabetes to lower the amount or dosage of oral medications or even injected insulin that they take, as their disease is under much better control. This is tricky, as will be discussed later in the paper. It requires continual, conscious control and compliance with exercise regimen. As an example to the above statement, I have two aunts in theirShow MoreRelatedEssay Does social isolation adversely affect health1113 Words   |  5 Pagesparticipation, activity and communication. That is a result of social isolation. The health problems of an elderly, adult and children who are socially isolated are increasing. Therefore, this essay will argue that socially isolated people will seriously suffer not only effect on physical, psychological but also behavioral health. One of negative effects of social isolation on human being is a large number of diseases which are consequence of physical health problems. First of all, there is strongRead MoreEssay on Mental Health 1376 Words   |  6 PagesThis research paper provides the history, demographics, epidemiological information about older immigrants` mental health problem in Australia, analysis of the key health issue within a country and gives clearly answer for how those problems could be improved? This research identifies the predictors of psychological distress in newly arrived older immigrants to Australia. Besides the conclusion that How health professionals are acting to modify determinants of health? As observed previously, healthRead MoreAchieving Academic Excellence : The University Of Phoenix Foundation For Success Curriculum1543 Words   |  7 Pagescould have fooled me.† However, the University of Phoenix foundation for success curriculum supplied me with a ton of knowledge for m y continued journey throughout my instructional and professional venture. Achieving academic excellence involves activities that require a person to set educational and career goals, practice practical ethical decisions and critical thinking skills. Utilizing the available resources around, and adheres to the writing process will able the student to acknowledge the benefitsRead MoreEssay about Improving Senior Health2015 Words   |  9 Pages â€Å"The world is rapidly ageing. While this is an important challenge for the developed world, 70% of all older people now live in low or middle-income countries. Population ageing is also occurring much faster in these countries. This means they will have a much briefer opportunity ti build the infrastructure necessary to address this demographies trend†(Our Ageing World). Now that the elder population is increasing the main focus should be on the elderly and spending more time taking care ofRead MoreLife Of The Patients And How They Feel Aquatic Therapy Effects Them Essay1289 Words   |  6 Pagesbalance troubles, and more, by doctors, this paper aims to focus on the voice of the patients and how they feel aquatic therapy effects them? The study done concentrates on an aquatic therapy center built by Elizabeth Taylor in a city named Culver City, the heart of Los Angeles, CA. Ms. Taylor saw a need for aquatic therapy in Los Angeles, and conveniently built a center that could benefit all, as the city is surrounded and infused with people of all walks of life. Ms. Taylor serviced the centerRead MoreBenchmark Assessment Heritage1211 Words   |  5 PagesAssessment Tool Today in society there are many diverse culture and ethnic backgrounds, each with their own habits, traditions, preferences, and of these includes health. Different needs of the whole person should be evaluated in detail. This paper will discuss results from three different cultures through the interviewing of them using the Heritage Assessment Tool. It will also review, compare, and address health traditions between the cultures as well as identify common health traditions basedRead MoreSocorro Alvarez : Hispanic Outreach Director At Western Avenue Community Center1898 Words   |  8 Pagesservices to the clients, some of which include, exercise classes, social dinners, translators, counselling, form completion, emotional support services, crisis intervention, and support services. Western Avenue Community Center believes that it is important to have an environment where the clients feel safe while having access to ways of improving both physical and mental health. Renalds, Smit h, and Hale, (2010) state, environments that address both physical and mental well-being lead to longevity andRead MoreCultural Competency in Nursing Care1697 Words   |  7 Pagesculturally competent care: (1) value diversity; (2) assess themselves; (3) manage the dynamics of difference; (4) acquire and institutionalize cultural knowledge; and (5) adapt to diversity and the cultural contexts of individuals and communities served. (The Joint Commission, 2010) This paper will explore the value of understanding one’s own heritage when evaluating the needs of others. Comparison will also be made between health traditions of three families of differing cultural backgrounds, comparingRead MoreSocial Isolation And Loneliness Among Elderly1380 Words   |  6 PagesLoneliness among elderly Howetta Queenborrows Introduction to Gerontology Professor: Alda Tee October 27th, 2014 â€Æ' As we get older, our social connections often gets smaller, only having things or people that are extremely important to us. In this paper we will be examining the social-psychological problems; social isolation and loneliness that are faced by elderly by facilitating the response to five main discussion topics. The following discussion will facilitate the understanding of social isolationRead MoreCultural competency in Nursong Care1684 Words   |  7 Pagesculturally competent care: (1) value diversity; (2) assess themselves; (3) manage the dynamics of difference; (4) acquire and institutionalize cultural knowledge; and (5) adapt to diversity and the cultural contexts of individuals and communities served. (The Joint Commission, 2010) This paper will explore the value of understanding one’s own heritage when evaluating the needs of others. Comparison will also be made between health traditions of three families of differing cultural backgrounds, comparing

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Challenges of Hotel and Resorts Industry-Free-Samples -Myassignment

Question: Challenges That the Hotel and the Resorts Industry is Facing Today. Answer: Introduction The resort and hotel industry has minted huge success to the hospitality industry. The growth has successfully contributed in the local economy as well. However, the nearing future has brought ample of challenges to the industry. They have been challenged to maintain a steady growth. The situation is challenging because of various factors; however, innovation is the one common factor, which is pulling competition in the market. Various new concepts such as Airbnb have brought mounting challenges ahead of reputed hotels and resorts (Oskam and Boswijk 2016). The main purpose of this assignment is to analyze the challenges that are there in the hospitality industry now. Brief of resort and hotel industry Resorts and hotels are little different to each other in terms of luxuries that the both offer however, they are similar in terms of factual thing. They are both offering the lodging facilities; however, there is a significant difference in between the two concepts. Hotels use to be in a building format. On the other hand, resorts are those luxury lodging places, which are built up near to attractive places such as the beaches. It is like offering personal ambience to the visitors. Both the concepts are in huge pressure because of Airbnb (Neeser, Peitz and Stuhler 2015). Effect of industry on the local economy The success of hotel resort industry does also influence the local economy. It does so in numerous ways. An incrementing number of hotel and resort booking mean an increasing number of visitors. In other words, the hospitality infrastructure is supporting the tourism industry by providing lodging facilities to the visitors. Both the foreign and the local visitors plan their trip by also booking their selected lodging facilities in advance. This trend is beneficial for both the hospitality and the tourism industry. Nevertheless, this will also improve the local economy by bringing more business to country (Zaei and Zaei 2013). Current trend in relation to business progression The future of hotel and the resort industry looks very challenging because of several reasons such as the use of innovation in offering. Services such as Airbnb have significantly driven the interest of significant number of customers towards it. The concept looks interesting to many because it is fast easy and it offers a home like experience in attractive locations. Customers are just needed to book their choice of rooms in the website of Airbnb. The rooms offered to them are not like the hotel room; however, those rooms are far better than the hotel rooms. They are actually big homes owned by others. Customers book such rooms for a long period, which is one of the specialties of the services offered by Airbnb (Zekanovic-Korona and Grzunov 2014). Challenges ahead in nearing future Innovation is perhaps the biggest challenge. It is innovation that has given birth to services like Airbnb. Airbnb has enhanced the concept of shared economy, which is significantly hampering the business of hotel resort industry (Zervas, Proserpio and Byers 2014). Labor shortage is the other challenge, which has not only worried the hotel industry but it has influenced the other industries as well. The growth of tourism in developing and the developed countries has produced the requirement of sufficient labor at the workplace. However, it is also a challenge to find an adequate number of talented professionals (Phillips et al. 2017). Strategies used for countering the challenges The changing trend for the hospitality industry has encouraged the industry to use some strategies in order to counter the challenges. Travel planning apps is one of those, which will help customers book the flights and accommodation in the choice of place. They are now heading to online channels to offer customers book their tickets. The step is just to match the innovative level, which was missing significantly. They have now understood that guest data will be important to understand the preference of customers. Furthermore, this will open up ways to some other innovation (Guttentag 2015). Conclusions The hotel industry is comprised of both the hotels and the resorts. Both are different to each other in terms of infrastructure; however, they both satisfy more or less the same need. The hotel industry is one of those sectors that have contributed significantly in the local economy of any country across the globe. However, the future looks very challenging indeed. This is because of various reasons such as the use of innovation in the services. The advent of Airbnb has significantly affected the business of traditional hotel industry. The one very evident difference between the two kinds of services is the use of innovation that has favored the later service. It is indeed required to put some show by innovating with the services in order to compete with the rising threat in the form of Airbnb. Recommendations to counter the challenges Following are the list of recommendations for the hotel industry to stay competitive in the future: It is required to convert hotel into a data platform, which means mapping up the entire guest journey. The data will help them to improve their customer experience Be innovative with the services, designs and the surrounding background. People especially the Millennial prefer to be in an accommodation place where they are introduced to local culture through the food menu, the staffs and the surrounding ambience. References Guttentag, D., 2015. Airbnb: disruptive innovation and the rise of an informal tourism accommodation sector.Current issues in Tourism,18(12), pp.1192-1217. Neeser, D., Peitz, M. and Stuhler, J., 2015. Does Airbnb hurt hotel business: Evidence from the Nordic countries.University Carlos III de Madrid dissertation. Oskam, J. and Boswijk, A., 2016. Airbnb: the future of networked hospitality businesses.Journal of Tourism Futures,2(1), pp.22-42. Phillips, P., Barnes, S., Zigan, K. and Schegg, R., 2017. Understanding the impact of online reviews on hotel performance: an empirical analysis.Journal of Travel Research,56(2), pp.235-249. Zaei, M.E. and Zaei, M.E., 2013. The impacts of tourism industry on host community.European journal of tourism hospitality and research,1(2), pp.12-21. Zekanovic-Korona, L. and Grzunov, J., 2014, May. Evaluation of shared digital economy adoption: Case of Airbnb. InInformation and Communication Technology, Electronics and Microelectronics (MIPRO), 2014 37th International Convention on(pp. 1574-1579). IEEE. Zervas, G., Proserpio, D. and Byers, J.W., 2014. The rise of the sharing economy: Estimating the impact of Airbnb on the hotel industry.Journal of Marketing Research.